Sunday, December 2, 2018

Resizing Quilt Patterns

Welcome to day 6 of the Pixelating Blog Hop!

My new book, Designing Block Quilts can be used for many different things.  You know you can use it to design and create your own patterns, but did you know you can use it to resize existing patterns?

Chapter 1 is all about the Math of designing your own patterns.  But the formulas can also be used for resizing patterns.  I took my Japanese Wood Spirit and Magical Girl patterns and shrunk them down.  The results are rather cute wall hangings!

They turned out so well, I may have to make smaller versions of other patterns and hang them on my walls.

So make that pattern bigger or smaller!  It is up to you!

Make sure you read each of the hoppers blogs.  They are making some pretty cool things.

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I wouldn't be the giveaway queen and this wouldn't be a Blog Hop without some giveaways.  So what are the giveaways?  We have some pretty cool ones.


That's right!  You can win your very own Arrow Wicked Cosplay Hydraulic Sewing Chair!  Gutermann is also giving away a cool thread pack and of course a few books will be given out.  To qualify just follow all of the blog hop participants Instagram Pages!  You can find them on our giveaway page here and you will be automatically entered to win and following and clicking enter!

So make sure you check out every day of the blog!

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