Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pixelating Blog Hop

Welcome to the Pixelating Blog Hop!

I wanted a way to launch my new book Designing Block Quilts with style so I asked a few pretty cool people if they would help me out and use my book to create pixelated works of art! 

So what is this book?  After the success of the pixelated geeky pattern line, I was asked to teach others my techniques of pixelation.  Designing Block Quilts teaches you the math and design tips you need to create your own pixelated masterpieces.  It then shows you three different ways to pattern your design to give your creation the exact look you want. 

Over the next two weeks you will see blog posts from people who have made some amazing things.  Each person was asked to make a project using the techniques in my book as a guide.  I was blown away when I saw what they did.  I can't wait for you to see them!

Nov 27 - Quiltoni - Welcome and Introduction of Bloggers and Giveaway https://quiltoni.blogspot.com/ 
Nov 28 -   Kate Colleran Designs, LLC -   http://seamslikeadream.com/blog/ 
Nov 29 -   A&E Gutermann -   http://www.seewhatmaterializes.com/blog/ 
Nov 30 -   Triangle Frenzy LLC -   https://trianglefrenzy.blogspot.com/ 
Dec 1 -   Desert Bloom Quilting -   https://www.desertbloomquilting.com/blog/ 
Dec 2 - Quiltoni -   https://quiltoni.blogspot.com/ 
Dec 3 -   Tamarinis -   https://tamarinis.typepad.com/ 
Dec 4 -   The Fat QuarterGypsy -   http://www.fatquartergypsy.com/Lex-Luther-Blog.html 
Dec 5 -   Around the Bobbin -   https://aroundthebobbin.com/blog/ 
Dec 6 -   Quilting Affection Designs  -   http://quiltingaffection.blogspot.com/ 
Dec 7 -   Muppin Inc -   http://blog.muppin.com/
Dec 8 - Winners Announced

I wouldn't be the giveaway queen and this wouldn't be a Blog Hop without some giveaways.  So what are the giveaways?  We have some pretty cool ones.


That's right!  You can win your very own Arrow Wicked Cosplay Hydraulic Sewing Chair!  Gutermann is also giving away a cool thread pack and of course a few books will be given out.  To qualify just follow all of the blog hop participants Instagram Pages!  You can find them on our giveaway page here and you will be automatically entered to win and following and clicking enter!

So sit back, relax, and let's see what everyone did!