Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Too Many Games and a Safe Space

This weekend is Too Many Game in Oaks, Pa.  Over the years this has turned into a cool little convention in my schedule in a sea of large conventions.  I look forward to Too Many Games every year because I not only have fun, but it is almost like a "breather" before the run of GenCon/DragonCon/NYCC that always seem to sap my strength.

So where are we?  The same place we have been the last few years!  Find me under Craft Hackers, booth B34.  Nicole and I like to create a "secret tunnel" in the back so we have easy access to the bathroom.  The convention center now has wifi so I will try to stream on Twitch this year so you can take part in the fun!  Will you be at Too Many Games?  Swing by, say hi, and say hi to Twitch!

Now onto something a little more serious.  Over the past few years I have heard of  few incidents that happen during conventions.  I want people to feel safe when they go to a convention.  For this reason I have created the "Safe Space" vendor list.  If you EVER do not feel safe or have social anxiety that is threatening a breakdown please seek out vendors on this list.  It will be kept public on the Craft Hackers website.  

  • Craft Hackers
  • Quiltoni
  • Dryad Tea

If you are a vendor and would like to be considered for this list, please let me know.

Now to do the final packing for set up tomorrow!