Saturday, July 28, 2018

Organizing Tips

Welcome to the third week of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop!  Today is all about organizing tips.

First, the thread.  I have a LOT of thread.  In order to organize it all I have two thread cabinets from Arrow.  They allow me to store all of my thread as well as give a place for my scrap fabrics.


Next the scissors.  I had many discussions with my family about how my sewing scissors are only to be used for fabric.  I finally thought of a solution, separate the scissors and tell them to never touch them!  To separate them I use a magnetic knife rack from Ikea.

Binding is the bane of my existence.  I hate making binding.  So I was overjoyed to discover binding by the roll.  But how to store it?  I came up with the solution of ribbon racks.  I am able to store the binding and then use it directly off the rack.  It is easy and takes a lot less time when I am doing my binding!

Want to come hang out while I stream?  My schedule is always on my Facebook and my Twitter.  I also announce on Instagram when I go live.  We have a lot of fun, talk about sewing and quilting and of course have daily giveaways.  I am the giveaway queen after all.

Speaking of giveaways, let’s get to them!

First, the overall prizes. Crafters Edge is giving away their Crossover II Fabric and Cutting system plus several die packs. Daylight is giving away a Slimline LED table lamp. Basal is also donating some prizes. To enter, make sure you visit

Now for my giveaways!

I am giving away a few of my new books Designing Block Quilts, a quilt kit, patterns, and of course stickers!  To enter, just complete tasks for chances to win here ->

Make sure to check out everyone that is participating in the hop!  In addition to the giveaways on Cherry Blossoms Quilting page and my blog, all of the other participants may be doing giveaways as well!

Mondays:   Tammy Silvers Tamarinis
   Cherry Guidry Cherry Blossom Quilting
Tuesdays:   Reeze Hanson Morning Glory Designs
    Jessica VanDenburgh Sew Many Creations
Wednesdays: Kate Colleran Seams Like a Dream
Jessica Caldwell  Desert Bloom Quilting
Thursdays: Jackie Kunkel Canton Village Quilt Works
Vicki Hansen  Cranberry Pie Designs
Fridays:  Erin Hentzel  Avery Lan Designs
Christa Watson  Christa Quilts
Saturdays:    Toni Smith  Quiltoni
Swan Sheridan  Swan Amity
Sundays: Pauline McArthur   Funky Friends Factory
Annie Smith
Joanne Sharpe
  • Week 1: Studio Clean Up - before and after pics
  • Week 2: Favorite Tools
  • Week 3: Organizing Tips
  • Week 4: Dealing with Scraps and/or Fabric
  • Week 5: Dealing with Embellishments/Buttons/Thread
  • Week 6: Dealing with Tools/Rulers

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